Strengthening Families Program

Here are written testimonials from the Strengthening Families Program graduating class of 2021:

“This is a great program especially for families that don't know how to peacefully communicate with each other.”

“I loved the program. It was very informative and I met some great people.”

“This program helped my daughter and I learn to listen to each other and express our thoughts better.”

“…an excellent class to take. It has helped me see my mistakes as a parent and work on correcting them.”

“I believe this program helps me better communicate with my children AND my husband! Really helpful material that could benefit every family.”

“Thank you, Strengthening Families Program, for enhancing my parenting skills!”

“We were surprised by how much this program has helped our family. It has definitely improved family life and our kids seem happier.”

“I wish this class was available when I was a young mother. I am a grandmother helping raise grandchildren but still learned a great deal.”

“I signed up for this program to help me and my family move into a happier and less frustrated place. I got exactly what I wanted. This program reinforced some skills that we'd learned before and had 'forgotten." It also introduced us to new skills that we use as a family.”

“This program helped me gained so many valuable skills.”

“The program has helped me realize the potential in myself and in my kids. Raising them to be happy, hardworking and independent people is very important because it is going to establish the lives they will lead.”

“This class provided support and incredible resources which dramatically improved my relationship with my children and even helped me be better at my job!”

“Great experience.”

“This program is a blessing.”

“This was a wonderful program. Would love to do Part 2!”

“An excellent program for families. Highly recommend!”

Here are some photos of our Strengthening Families Program graduating class of 2021: